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If you liked to sell an original work of Michael Sowa, I am to you with pleasure helpfully in all questions to the genuineness, worth or information. Also I try to accommodate your work standing for the sales in another collection. And if I like the work, you will receive of course also a purchase offer from me directly.


If you are interested in one of the original works illustrated here at this website of Michael Sowa, do not be afraid to simply ask for the availability and the price. And there are even other, here not illustrated works. About the contact form you can simply send your inquiry and you will get an immediate answer, guaranteed. . .


If you want to lend here illustrated works or works of Michael Sowa for museum or public exhibition purposes, a short establishment of contact about the practical contact form also helps here. Pictures have to go and should be seen. Hence, I help with pleasure in all exhibition questions. . .

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