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The world of Michael Sowa

Welcome to the homepage of Michael Sowa.


You expect here to find the Berlin painter Michael Sowa? However, he is not here. Michael Sowa is a painter and he paints. Maybe also just now. In Berlin. In his studio. But there is no computer. Therefore, Michael Sowa can also not write here. And, therefore, I write here, for the painter Michael Sowa.


Permit, my name is Horn. I write here for and about Michael Sowa. Because I know him. And I collect his original works.


Who is Michael Sowa? Michael Sowa is a known German painter and illustrator. Sowa is a master of the subtle and funny art, skilful old-brilliantly explained, besides, is composed surreally cryptic, and is thought through till the smallest detail. Perfection on the smallest space. Simply brilliantly.


With pleasure I am available to you if you have questions to Michael Sowa, an original work want to acquire or possibly would like to sell a work. Send a short e-mail for help in all questions. . .


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